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We offer a variety of Shelf Company Options to suit your needs, including shelf cc’s that your Business can use immediately! Your Shelf Company can be actively trading within 24 hours.  Depending on your current situation, a Shelf Company may be your only option. Normally, our Clients would buy a Shelf Company from us if they have an upcoming tender or contract for which they must apply within a few days.


Advantages of a Shelf Company

  • Within 24 hours after buying a Shelf Company you can start trading with it.
  • We have 2015, 2018 and 2019 Shelf Companies available for your Business to take advantage of immediately.
  • Some of our Shelf Company options include a trading name which you can choose yourself.
  • You can have an FNB Business Bank Account within 48 hours!
  • We include a Tax Number from SARS at no additional cost.
  • Some of our shelf companies come with a VAT number as well as a customs license enabling you to tender.


  • VAT Registrations
  • PAYE/UIF/SDL Registrations
  • COIDA Registrations
  • CIDB Registrations
  • PSIRA Registrations
  • Import and Export License Registrations.



Let us assist you with a professional business plan which will outline your business goals and how you can achieve those goals.


• General ledger and financial statement preparation

• Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, or annual)

• Payroll processing

• Cash flow budgeting and forecasting

• Corporate tax planning and returns preparation



We  pride ourselves in delivering accurate, timeous and professional EME B-BBEE verification services demonstrating objective, accurate and credible verification results to our clients.