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VAT Registration (Mandatory / Voluntary)

Do you need to Register for VAT asap? Or need a Vat Number to apply for Tenders and Contracts? We provide a professional VAT Registration Service for Voluntary and Mandatory Registrations. You can be located anywhere in South Africa, as this is an online Service. Our Professional Tax Practitioner will register your Company for VAT at SARS in the quickest possible timeframe. Just complete and submit the easy online application form below, and a friendly Consultant will contact you to assist.
Value-Added Tax is commonly known as VAT. VAT is an indirect taxation on the value added to goods and services by Suppliers and Vendors in the economy.
South African Companies that are VAT registered must charge an additional 14% on the prices of their products and services. Most expenses will then be VAT deductible, such as rent, telephone, consumables, advertising and stock (depending if VAT was paid on these expenses). The difference will then be paid over to SARS, or claimed back from SARS.
Advantages to be Vat Registered:Register for VAT, Register your Company for VAT at SARS, VAT Registration
1. Quoting / Invoicing. Many large Companies require that your Business must have a Vat Number on your Quotes or Invoices being sent to them.
2. Tenders and Contracts. To apply for Tenders and Contracts, you need a Vat number.
3. Listing as a Service Provider. To be listed as a Supplier or Service Provider with CSD (Central Supplier Database), large Companies and Government Institutions, you need a VAT number.
The Process:
1. Apply below. Please complete and submit the easy online application form below. A dedicated Consultant will then contact you shortly.
2. We communicate with SARS on your behalf. Our Professional Tax Practitioner ensures that your VAT Registration is processed correctly and in good time. We will visit a SARS Branch on your behalf to finalise your VAT Registration.
3. Start using your VAT Number. We will ensure your Vat Registration is successful in the quickest possible time-frame. We will email your VAT Notice of Registration to you once registered (your VAT Number is displayed on this document).