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Our story

Welcome to UCE Business Solutions.

We are a professional accounting, business and tax advisory consulting firm. Our firm focuses on understanding our clients’ most critical issues to come up with the best tailor made services to tackle those issues holistically. With diverse expertise from our qualified chartered accountants we bring strategic and functional expertise to business. We place emphasis on providing professional accounting and tax advisory services that provides insights to business development, growth and success. We have acquired and built extensive business knowledge within our firm. We have gained good reputation for understanding not only the wider global business perspectives, but also the complexities of South African businesses that are not always apparent to our competitors.

In our engagements we seek to balance between established methodologies while being sensible to rapidly changing business’ landscape to meet our clients’ requirements. Our philosophy is to understand and continually revisit what our client’s needs, and to ensure our efforts remain focused on meeting their agreed objectives. This approach ensures effective use of team resources, with a higher probability of successful execution.

We also render a quick and easy registration service for individuals on their behalf in a hassle free manner. Part of our services include Shelf Companies, VAT Companies, Import and Export License, CIDB Registrations, WCA Registrations, UIF Registrations, Company Registrations, VAT Registrations, Director Amendments, CIPC Annual Return Submissions, BBBEE Certificates and Affidavits. 

Call us today on 011 025 6780 or e-mail us at and find out how we can assist you.


In line with our management’s vision, UCE Solutions will always aim to deliver quality financial reporting in a time frame that is useful and beneficial to the users of these reports.  Our purpose is to enable the business owner to focus on his core activities while all administrative burdens are dealt with by qualified professionals.


We are a group of forward thinking professionals.  We make use of a team-leader model.  Every small effective team is led by an experienced team leader. In this manner knowledge and experience are transferred, in which a quality control mechanism is provided to ensure that our clients only receive reports that comply with fundamental accounting principles and other reporting standards.


Our client base consists of accounting services for small start-up businesses to the audits of multi-million rand companies.  Accountants-on-site has an infrastructure in place to cater for any type and size of business.


Professional management of your turnover, expenses and profits.


Accurate, on-time financial information enabling you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your business.


Providing information and answers enabling you to identify a decrease or increase in profit margins.

Professional Affilliations

To ensure that we deliver a quality service and stay abreast of developments in our industry, we are proud members of the following professional bodies:

South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)

South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)